Red light district Barcelona

In the same way as other European cities such as Amsterdam, it should be noted that Barcelona has a red light district where numerous striptease clubs, couple exchange venues, sex shops, etc. meet. Through this article we will explain where the red light district of Barcelona is and what leisure and entertainment alternatives you can find.

Las Ramblas, the red zone of Barcelona

Las Ramblas is not only one of the most central and iconic pedestrian streets in Barcelona and, when night comes, it becomes a perfect alternative for lovers of vice and perversion. Without a doubt, this is an area that you cannot miss if you visit Barcelona. It is necessary to emphasize that Las Ramblas is, in essence, the avenue that divides El Raval and the Gothic Quarter of the city. Although it is true that there is some insecurity in both neighborhoods, you have to know that they are the best alternatives related to sexual tourism.

We will start by talking about El Raval as the red light district par excellence that you have at your disposal in Barcelona. The offer dedicated to street prostitution is endless, so you can choose escort girls at really affordable prices that adapt to the budget of any pocket. However, prostitutes are not the only attraction you will find in El Raval, as you also have numerous bars, pubs and striptease venues. What more could you ask for?

Las Ramblas

Why are Las Ramblas in Barcelona so popular?

Las Ramblas is, possibly, the most iconic street in Barcelona and it is located in a privileged place within the city, as well as being close to the main places of interest in Barcelona such as the Mercat de la Boquería, Plaza Cataluña or Port Olímpic. We must not forget to highlight El Raval as another area of ​​great tourist interest, especially for those who are looking to find a cosmopolitan and multicultural environment.

We could say that Las Ramblas is the avenue that never sleeps and has a lot of atmosphere at any time of the day. Of course, if you walk along Las Ramblas at night you should know that the possibilities that you will have at your disposal are limited to nightlife and erotic/sexual venues. In addition, we will highlight street prostitution as a very common situation on Las Ramblas. On the other hand, if you take a walk along Las Ramblas during the day, you will find a completely different panorama, with many traditional shops at your disposal.

Is it safe to walk along Las Ramblas in Barcelona?

The million dollar question! In recent years a rumor has circulated that Las Ramblas has become one of the least safe areas of Barcelona. Is the rumor true? Unfortunately, we must recognize that insecurity in this area is real and that various factors come together that make it possible for more and more criminals to find their particular paradise. Keep in mind that it is an area very frequented by tourists, with the particularity that many of them consume large quantities of alcohol, so robberies have become too common in this area of ​​Barcelona.

If you plan to visit the red light district of Barcelona , ​​it is advisable to take extreme precautions, especially if you consider that many criminals rob their victims without warning. Furthermore, it is recommended that you do not carry valuable objects in plain view, as they would be an attraction for criminals who frequent Las Ramblas. A very useful tip is to use the taxi to go to the club or venue that interests you, so that you can avoid walking through these streets during the early hours of the morning, which is when the most robberies occur.

The Raval

Is Barcelona Red Light District worth visiting?

It depends on the expectations you have. Unlike the Red Light District in Amsterdam, the version that you will find in Barcelona is not focused on exquisite clients and sybarites, since both the clubs and the venues are not, with some exceptions, first class. Furthermore, we will highlight that a percentage of women who practice street prostitution are addicted to different substances. If you are clear about this concept, it is certainly interesting to know some of the most important clubs in the area and that stand out for offering an interesting range of activities and events at any time of the year.

Barcelona is, without a doubt, one of the tourist destinations par excellence worldwide and one of the reasons for the success of this city, bathed by the Mediterranean, is its excellent offer dedicated to sexual tourism. If you are looking for a city that stands out for its offer of striptease clubs, escort agencies or couple exchange venues, Barcelona is the ideal destination.